What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness skills training develops personal resilience and self-awareness, mental clarity and positive self-management. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression. This enables people to then really make a difference with other significant and debilitating problems: like pain intolerance, addictions,  disturbances in personalities,  mood regulation; and finding a whole new vantage point to assess and change relationship, marriage and family difficulties .

The practice of mindfulness in western psychology draws from  meditation  traditions that have been used for thousands of years as a means to a greater personal calmness in distressing environments and changing circumstances. This correlates to mental and emotional calmness enabling cooperativeness in relationships, compassion for colleagues and family (and others), tolerance and acceptance of distressing change, and personal gains in better quality of rest and sleep.

Mindfulness is a mental state that is experienced as a heightened awareness of our senses in the present moment; free from unnecessary judgement, reactivity and over-identification with negative experience.

The evidence base is strong and consistent. An internet search under a title such as “mindfulness + mental health” will draw your attention to a very wide variety of well researched conclusions about the efficacy of mindfulness practices. 

I have  made it a particular focus since training in mindfulness (MiCBT) in 2008, developing these skills ever since, and earning a post-graduate diploma in MIndfulness-integrated-CBT (MiCBT) in 2015 . I realised its value through self-practice, and through the surprising personal experience of quick and effective pain relief. The benefits of MiCBT to my clients has been clear: release from anger, aggression, anxiety, trauma and physical/mental pain has been no less than extraordinary. Your attention is drawn particularly to www.mindfulness.net.au . Mindfulness is often incorporated into counselling, individual training and group training.

Mindfulness group training testimonials –

“The mindfulness training has been extremely beneficial in helping me cope with change. I have become more calm, don’t react to things as much and I have found that I have been sleeping better. All in all, pluses for me.”

“I recently attended the mindfulness session held for [my organisation] over the last eight weeks. I found the sessions very interesting and opened up my mind to approach different techniques when dealing with stress, pressure, confrontation etc be it in the workplace or everyday life. These tools enable me to also relax and focus better on everyday tasks with a clear mind. Over all, a great benefit. Thank you.”